6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon is Melt’s sandwich special for December

Clear your calendar and your arteries. The “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” is back at Melt Bar & Grilled for the month of December.

The 6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon (Brandon Baker)

What gives the sandwich the moniker of the Hollywood game? Six different types of bacon, of course:

  1. hickory smoked bacon
  2. black pepper crusted slab-cut bacon
  3. maple bourbon glazed smoked pork belly
  4. Italian pancetta
  5. herb cream cheese with bacon bits
  6. house-made bacon-infused mayonnaise

And to top it off, the sandwich also comes with sharp cheddar, fresh romaine and sliced tomato.

“But is it good?”

What, did you just skip down to this part? I said SIX TYPES OF BACON. Of course it’s delicious.

All of the bacon does make it a bit pricier than the average Melt sandwich. And it’s only available until Dec. 31.

Find all of Melt’s monthly specials at meltbarandgrilled.com/monthly-features/food-drink-features.

Cheryl Sadler will have to give up her usual favorite Chicken & Waffles sandwich to indulge in this bacon-y goodness. Follow her on Twitter @sadlercheryl.

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