Whiskey without limits at Cleveland Whiskey

Whiskey or whisky?

However you spell it, you know you either love or hate this spirit. Most wouldn’t think a 5-foot, 26-year-old woman like me would be ordering whiskey with Coke or whiskey on the rocks at the bar, but if you are like me, whiskey warms you to your core. It is way more then a drink. The people at Cleveland Whiskey understand just that.

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What: Cleveland Whiskey

Where it’s located: 1768 E. 25th St. Cleveland, Ohio 44114

When it’s open: Their hours are by appointment only. Tours are available so you can learn how this Ohio whiskey is made. Let’s go! info@clevelandwhiskey.com

Why you should go: Cleveland Whiskey was named “Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year” at the 2016 Berlin International Spirits Competition. The company also have won a 38 medals at competitions around the world, including 26 gold and double gold awards. Sounds pretty legit if you ask me.

What you should eat/drink: It’s the holiday season so I am going to go festive on you and suggest the Cleveland Whiskey Christmas Bourbon. I would be happy to wake up and find this stuffed in my stocking. It has the Christmas flavors we all love made with nutmeg, caramel and a little bit of cocoa. The whiskey is a great sipper but also makes a tasty holiday eggnog or party punch. It is a limited release, so you’ll want to get your hands on it soon.

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Because it is a limited batch, I am also going to suggest you look into the Cleveland Underground collection. It is extremely popular because the distillery uses different types of woods, such as hickory, for the barrels and then technology that captures those flavors, letting the innovation shine.

(Image via Cleveland Whiskey Facebook)

How to get more information: Call 216-881-8481 or email info@clevelandwhiskey.com. Make sure you like Cleveland Whiskey on Facebook and follow on Instagram. You can also find distributors on the website.

Kailee Leonard is keeping warm this winter snuggled in a blanket and sipping on whiskey. Follow her on Twitter @kaileeinmae or on Instagram @kaileeinmae.

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