Celebrate National Slow Cooking Month with slow cooker liners

The slow cooker gets regular use in my house, cooking up the fanciest Turkey Chili, Black Beans and RiceShredded Chicken Tacos and more. And by fancy, I mean easy — so, so, so easy.

The worst part of using a slow cooker is cleaning it afterward, so I’m going to let you in on a secret that is the best investment you can make in your slow cooker: Liners.


These are not actually a secret and have been around for a while, but they were pretty life-changing when I started using them in the fall.

You can find them from brands such as Reynolds and Crock-Pot, online or in the grocery store, and the few bucks it will set you back is absolutely worth the time you will save scrubbing the darn thing.

January is National Slow Cooking Month, if you need an excuse to break out the slow cooker and buy the liners.

And if you’re looking for slow cooker recipes, find some of our favorite on Pinterest.

Cheryl Sadler is probably making something in her slow cooker right now. Follow her on Twitter @sadlercheryl.

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