Campbell’s Sweets Factory hits the (sweet) spot

Chicago locals will tell you to check out Garrett Popcorn. For an avid popcorn lover like myself (like, get a large at the movie theater and not share), Garrett hits the spot when I am in the Windy City. But happily I have found a place just around the corner that always soothes my cravings, Campbell’s Sweets Factory. If you ask me, Campbell’s is set up to be the Garrett of Cleveland with a sweet twist. Not only is the company known for their popcorn, but your visit wouldn’t be complete without Grandma Campbell’s made-on-location cupcakes.

What: Campbell’s Sweets Factory

Where: Campbell’s has three Cleveland locations, but the original location can be found in Ohio City, 2084 W. 25th St., Cleveland. 

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When it’s open: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; closed on Sundays

Why you should go: Campbell’s is the winner of several awards, including making it in the 101 Best Cupcakes in America from in 2014. Their famous cheese-coated caramel corn, Dichotomy, won “Best of Cleveland” in 2007. Their success is sure to be credited to their belief of only using quality ingredients and producing goods in small batches by hand. All of their gourmet popcorn is made from the same popping seed sold in stores, which is locally grown, NON-GMO Ohio popcorn kernels. A minimum of 50 percent of their products and ingredients are raised, grown or processed in Ohio. Their mission is simply to “Keep Cleveland Sweet.”

What you should eat: Now, I am a simple girl, so I tend to like the boring options the most. That being said, the wedding cake vanilla cupcake is my favorite sweet to indulge on while there. It is light and refreshing but still hits the sweet spot (yes, pun intended). But if I am feeling a bit extra, I tend to lean toward their popular buckeye cupcake, which of course is fashioned after the chocolate-covered peanut butter treat.

When it comes to their popcorn, again just-plain-boring-me will head right to butter without hesitation. But after grabbing a bag there, I will venture to flavors like garlic Parmesan and salt and vinegar, which are melt-in-your-mouth good. If you are first-time Campbell’s visitor, I suggest you try the award-winning Dichotomy popcorn, which comes in normal cheddar or white cheddar (I prefer the white). It is salty yet sweet and will keep your taste buds on their toes.

Also make sure you take a look around or keep your eye open online because they always have seasonal flavors.

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How to get more information: Visit Campbell’s website or like them on Facebook.

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