Megaticket is a great choice, and here’s why

You may have heard recently that Country promoter Live Nation and Blossom Music Center have announced the 2018 Country Megaticket Presented by Pennzoil for the 11th year in a row. You can all at once buy tickets to six country concerts coming to Blossom this summer.

2018 Country Megaticket at Blossom includes Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts

In 2016, a couple friends and I decided to save our money and buy the Megaticket. I was a little hesitant about the price tag, but I am a lover of all things music and any chance to tailgate, so that won me over quickly. That year, the Megaticket had 13 concerts on the bill — yes, 13. And if you’re wondering, I went to all but one, and it was worth every penny. (The only one I didn’t go to was Luke Bryan’s second show because he had back-to-back concerts on the ticket. And too much Luke Bryan is a dangerous thing.) Till this day, my friends and I still talk about that summer and how great it was. Spending almost every weekend together bonded us and gave us memories to last a lifetime.

Some of the moments from that summer that I hold onto:

  • Keith Urban surprised the lawn crowd with playing on a stage closest to us.
  • Rascal Flatts came on stage in Cleveland Cavaliers gear to celebrate the NBA championship.
  • Luke Bryan played his song “Drink a Beer” and had nothing but the audience singing the whole last chorus back to him.
  • Our tickets were upgraded for free during Darius Rucker.
  • Seeing Hank Williams Jr. with my dad.

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Not a fan of country music? I still highly suggest the ticket. The weather, crowd and the overall experience are top qualities for these concerts.

*Remember the Megaticket is already on sale and are only available until 10 p.m.  Feb. 25, so you’ll need to grab yours soon*

If you are looking to buy a ticket but worried about the commitment I have some tips to help you survive the summer.



If you have never been to Blossom Music Center, the first thing you should know is traffic tends to be awful. I am not going to sugarcoat it because it is a serious deal-breaker when it comes to concerts at Blossom. Plan ahead and leave as early as you possibly can to get there. After the show, the best thing I can tell you is to be patient and know where you are and what lane to be in.

My friends and I preferred to do our tailgating in the general parking (seen above), but there were a few times we managed to get parking passes where you can park in paved lots. There are pros and cons to each. With the general parking, you are really in the heart of it all. We made friends with some great people, and everyone is just there for the music and the party. Not saying in the other lots they aren’t great, but we found getting along with our neighbors was easier and more fun in the grass. Plus, you aren’t standing on concrete and you have some chance of shade. Here is the con: You are going to have to walk. Depending on how early you got to the venue, it can be pretty far. We always used the “we need the exercise” excuse, but it is rough, especially with the humidity. But if you can handle the walk, park at least once in general parking. It is free, and you will get the true country concert experience.

Where to sit


You have plenty of options for seating, in general admission and the pavilion area. Unfortunately, the pit section is not included in the Megaticket packages.

The picture above is on “The Lawn,” aka general seating and your cheapest option. It is the one my group opted for, and I am glad we did. Although it is standing and there are people everywhere and the stage is farthest from you, it is where you have the most freedom and won’t be confined to one area. I am pretty short (4-foot-11, to be exact), so I thought being in the lawn would be a bummer, but I actually never had that big of an issue because I was able to move around from people taller than I. Plus, you are on an incline, which makes it easier to see. The crowd can get rowdy on the grass, just like in the general parking lot, so if you are thinking you don’t want to deal with the dancing, loud and buzzed group of country fans, the pavilion might be a better choice.

The pavilion has a similar set-up to a concert in Quicken Loans Arena, where you choose your section when buying tickets. Of course, the closer you get to the stage, the more expensive your ticket is. Different sections of the pavilion will have a different price tag. We had our tickets upgraded for free to the pavilion for Darius Rucker because of lower attendance. You are closer to the performers, you can tell a difference in the sound and you get a seat. I enjoyed being in the pavilion and have sat there for other concerts. But for a summertime country concert bash like the Megaticket, I feel the lawn is better for me.


If you aren’t tailgating and want to get a drink inside the venue, want to keep your buzz, want a snack or want to by a T-shirt to help remember the night, be prepared. Most of the vendors will take a credit card, but a few who don’t. I always had my card but also some cash. I also carried my I.D.

The last time I was at Blossom (Brad Paisley 2017 tour) I bought a Miller Lite for $11 — and it is one of the cheaper of the alcohols available at Blossom. Most beer options there do come only in 24 ounces, so you better be thirsty.

Pro tip

Concert over? Hungry after sitting in traffic? I will let you in on our tradition. Swesons Drive-In. It has become our after-Blossom ritual that we all look forward to. The North Akron location, 658 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., is closest to the venue. If you have never been to Swensons, GO. It has gained a cult following that includes LeBron James himself, and it is just plain tasty. Double cheeseburger with everything, onion rings and a chocolate shake. You can thank me later.

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