Dates announced, fun promised for I-X Indoor Amusement Park

Look, there’s no way to sugar-coat it: We’re still a loooooonnnnnng way from the season opening on May 5 of Cedar Point in Sandusky.

However, we’re not that far from an annual tide-me-over, the I-X Indoor Amusement Park at the I-X Center in Cleveland. This year’s fun-under-the-roof event will look to amuse guests March 23 through April 15.

Bright side? No need to pack sunscreen.

According to a news release, the event, celebrating its 29th year, will offer more than 20 acres of rides, games, attraction and, of course, food.

Hey, who needs a breeze to enjoy funnel cake?


“This year, we are offering thrill-seekers way more than they bargained for with 12 new rides, including the new Wild Cat Rollercoaster,” says Show Manager Rob Attewell, in the release. “When planning for the 2018 season, we’ve kept all ages in mind, so there’s fun for everyone.”

The expanded Beach Street will be the welcome area for more than 150,000 attendees and offer a variety of attractions featuring sea lions, magicians, jugglers, street performers and more, the release states.


It also highlights the Sea Lion Splash Show, comedy stunt show Roberto the Magnificent, Gossamer Magic, and, among other fund-sounding sights, The Amazing Giants, who will provide some circus-like feats.

New rides pointed out include the Wild Cat Rollercoaster and Loop-O-Plane. Hmmm, better give that funnel cake a little time to settle first.

The littlest guests aren’t forgotten, of course, with dedicated children’s area Kidzville — which includes rides and a petting zoo — standing out as another highlight.

Some not-so-fine print: After 5 p.m., everyone under the age of 18 is required to be accompanied by a parent or parental chaperone to enter the Amusement Park.

Tickets already are on sale. For more information, including the most affordable ways to enjoy the event, visit

Mark Meszoros is wondering where he might get a funnel cake before March 23. Follow him on Twitter @MarkMeszoros.

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