Go back to ’23’ with Jimmy Eat World in Cleveland July 15

If you loved music in the ’90s and the early 2000s, it is safe to assume that you enjoyed listening to alternative rock at least some of the time.

If that’s true, then the band Jimmy Eat World is no stranger to you. In their early years, Jimmy Eat World was at the top of the game with hits like “The Middle” or “Sweetness.”

As a millennial who grew up through the great alternative rock wave, the genre is very close to my heart as is the band itself. You can still find them on my Spotify ‘alt rock’ playlist. Now, do they not only hit me with relatable lyrics but I get nostalgic even with their newer album ‘Integrity Blues’ released in 2016.

Image via Jimmy Eat World Facebook

Jimmy Eat World is on the road to celebrate their career and to finish up their “Integrity Blues Tour.” House of Blues in Cleveland July 15 will be filled wall to wall with rockers old and young alike with their Chuck Taylors, leather jackets and frayed jeans; I am hoping to be one of them. The band, now all around the age of 40, have experience and dedication to their music, so it is an easy bet that the show will be a hit with the crowd.

If you are a fan of alternative rock or even just the ’90s sound, be sure to take a break from the July humidity and see Jimmy Eat World, you won’t be mad.

My Song Suggestion: Off their fifth studio album ‘Futures’ released in 2004 comes the song ’23.’ It is a song about the struggles and complications of being young and making life-changing decisions especially when it comes to love.

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