Fresh is what matters at Rennick Meat Market

Rennick Meat Market’s dried aged NY strip steak is one of the featured styles of steak available.

Address: 1104 Bridge St, Ashtabula, OH 44004
Phone number: 440-964-6328
Social media: Facebook:

Owned by Thomas J. Rennick and run as a butcher shop from 1889 until 1962, Rennick Meat Market still holds true to its roots.

Located in the heart of Ashtabula Harbor’s Historic Bridge Street, Rennick Meat Market is dedicated to making as much in-house as possible. From their fresh pastas to their signature burgers to steaks are dry-aged for 30 days to produce the best possible flavor and tenderness, they pride themselves on having fresh products everyday.

The Market offers full menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That include items that have an upscale feel but are reasonably priced for restaurant goers. Rennick Meat Market also has a full drink menu that also use fresh products like fresh juices, herbs and spices to create their cocktails.

Rennick Meat Market is a butcher-inspired American restaurant specializing in steak, signature burgers and fresh homemade pastas.

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