The best thing to eat at Quicken Loans Arena

The next time you are going to Quicken Loans Arena, plan for an empty stomach and a stop by section 110. You need to get yourself some Cleveland Style Nachos from Rocco’s Nachos & Tacos.

The tasty creation from Chef Rocco Whalen is “crispy potato nachos with goat cheese fondue, scallions, Parmesan cheese, crisp bacon, fresh herbs and sea salt.”

Cheesy, crunchy, salty and bacon — all four food groups are represented in this basket of delicious.

Don’t let “goat cheese” scare you from getting these chips. The mild sauce is a creamy way to tie the elements together. (Honestly, I assumed the goat cheese was Parmesan until a friend pointed it out to me.)

An order of the nachos is $10.50 and definitely can be shared. But, if you’re hungry, you could easily put away the entire thing by yourself. We’re not going to talk about calories here. I hate myself for even bringing that up.

Note that just like regular nachos, this basket can lose heat quickly — especially if you have to make the trek to seats in Loudville. Consider arriving early to eat in the concourse ahead of the event you’re attending.

The Q has plenty of other dining options, if Cleveland Style Nachos aren’t your thing.

Cleveland Style Nachos from Rocco’s Nachos & Tacos at Quicken Loans Arena. (Cheryl Sadler)

Cheryl Sadler would like to have some Cleveland Style Nachos right now. Follow her on Twitter @sadlercheryl.

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