Proper Pig: A BBQ that’ s A-OK

I am so glad that take-out BBQ has become a growing trend in Northeast Ohio.

Burgers and fries are always a nice lunch as is the sub sandwich (and I guess a salad, though that’s only a guess on my part) but sometimes you want to treat yourself without having to commit to a full-blown, hour-long meal.

And that’s how I was feeling on a recent Sunday which motivated me to hit The Proper Pig Smokehouse, 17100 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood (they also have a Mentor site at 9582 Diamond Centre Drive).

Within 5 seconds we had walked right up to the counter where the chef was standing amid all the cuts of meat and sides … and he was already putting together our orders. I had the pulled pork sandwich with a bag of chips ($9)  — a menu with no French fries on it is the only thing keeping me from renting a room above the restaurant. Meanwhile Jeannene had the chopped beef brisket sandwich with a side of Smokehouse Beans ($10).

There are several tables in the restaurant so we decided to eat in this time.

The meat on both of the sandwiches was nice and smokey but I can see how others have complained that the meat is too dry. But, hey, there are bottles of a tangy reddish brown BBQ sauce on the table so add as much as you want to get the right blend.

Oh, and we also had their banana cream pudding with Nilla wafers ($3) as dessert. It’s a little more solid than the typical pudding (not a complaint, just an FYI) but the banana taste shines through.

John Bertosa is likely out and about sampling the Northeast Ohio dining scene.

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