Soho — Winner, winner, chicken dinner

You can tell Soho Chicken + Whiskey knows it has a winner in its fried chicken.

When the restaurant first opened in Ohio City (1889 W. 25th St. to be exact) it had like three fried chicken dishes on its menu to go with some other amazing Southern dishes. And as the years have gone on, more fried chicken options have been added, heck, it was even added to the title of the restaurant.

Now, in addition to five fried chicken dishes, there are numerous a la carte options for you to mix and match. And that’s where we found ourselves recently on a Wednesday night.

Situated at a hightop in the busy bar area, Jeannene and I usually try different cocktails so we can taste each other’s picks, but this time we both went for the Blacksburg ($9). It had some old-timey ingredients — bourbon, vermouth, benedictine, Dr. Pepper bitters, and a pickled cherry (a yummy addition which also prevents scurvy, I assume) – but it’s really solid.

We then moved on to the sweet potato hush puppies ($8). The hush puppies alone were fantastic with the sweet potato keeping them moist but not muddy, and then add in some chow chow (oops, that’s totally different and quite inappropriate, I should have written chow-chow) and some mustard cream and the entire dish was fantastic.

Then came the fried chicken – I went a la carte and took a breast and leg to go with some mashed potatoes and gravy and collard greens (total of $14.50). The chicken lived up to its reputation as the skin was beautifully crunchy while the meat was juicy. The potatoes were very creamy while the greens had a nice, vinegar quality to them that cut through the heavy chicken and potatoes. Jeannene took a similar route except she went with cheesy grits ($3.50) instead of mashed potatoes. She really liked them, but since there’s no Southern background in my family I was happy to stick with my choice.

We’ll definitely be back, maybe even for Sunday brunch since, of course, they have chicken and waffles.

John Bertosa is likely out and about sampling the Northeast Ohio dining scene. Image credit: Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa

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