Tobias Fünke himself, David Cross, will perform comedy act at Agora

Being a fan of “Arrested Development” has been such a roller coaster ride.

We got three GREAT seasons of the comedy series on Fox, from 2003 to 2006, but then the plug was pulled due to low ratings. (Man, sometimes people really don’t know what to watch on TV. But I digress.)

While there was some far-fetched dream we might see the amazingly dysfunctional and largely vapid Bluth family together again on the big screen, that was not to be. (Hollywood, you’ve made a huge mistake.)

However, word did eventually come there would be new life for the show! Netflix picked it up and, on a day late in May 2013, the streaming service dropped all 15 episodes in the long-awaited fourth season.

And they were … OK? Sort of?

Due to scheduling constraints, it was difficult for producers to get the cast members all together for any long stretch, so what we got, mostly, were episodes featuring only a few characters at a time. Occasionally, they were great — “A New Attitude,” a Job (Will Arnett)-centric episode in which Ben Stiller reprised the role of magician Tony Wonder, was spectacular — but they largely felt a little off, a bit flat.

Finally a few days away from a new “Arrested Development” season — Netflix is set to debut Season Five on May 29 — the company has dropped word that will be getting the first batch of eight episodes then, the rest at a later date.

Ugh, can this never just be perfect?

Still, it’s supposed for feel like the glory days, as this trailer for the new season tries to convinces us:

Well, after you binge those first eight episodes of, hopefully, Bluth-y goodness, you can keep the good times going when cast member David Cross brings his stand-up act to The Agora Theatre in Cleveland on July 29. (Man, I took a long time getting to the real post, didn’t I? Imagine what Job’s puppet, Franklin, would say about me.)

And, sure, Cross is known for a great many things, from “Mr. Show with Bob and David” (with “Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk) to a recent supporting role the Steven Spielberg drama “The Post.” But he simply has been fantastic as Tobias Fünke, whose sexuality is, to say the least, confusing.

David Cross, fifth from the left, appears in a scene from an upcoming episode of “Arrested Development” on Netflix. (Netflix)

Just how great is Cross as Tobias? Here’s a great reminder:

As for the stand-up jaunt, the “David Cross: Oh Come On” tour will be his first since 2016’s “Making America Great Again.” (Hmmm, wonder what inspired that.)

“I am beyond aroused to get back out on the road and bring my very special, artisanal small batch hand crafted, 100% organic jokes & jibberings to a venue near you,” Cross says in a news release. “These jokes are kid tested and mother approved so bring the whole family!”

Sadly, there’s no word on whether at any point in the new show Cross will “blue himself.” Keep your fingers crossed. You can get tickets here.

Mark Meszoros tries to remember there’s always money in the banana stand. Follow him on Twitter @MarkMeszoros. Top photo credit: Associated Press.

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