Mabel’s BBQ: BBQ with a Cleveland twist

Kailee Leonard — The News-Herald
Mabel’s Mr. Beef sandwich which is made with chopped brisket, mayo, shaved onion and pickles pairs well with J.W. potatoes. Menu items are a la carte at Mabel’s.

Address: 2050 E. Fourth St., Cleveland
Phone number: 216-417-8823
Social media: Facebook: | Twitter: @BBQMabels | Instagram: @bbqmabels

In Cleveland there is one chef that has become a household name. That chef is Michael Symon. Symon is popular not just because of his Cleveland roots but also because his restaurants have great quality and produce tasteful food. Mabel’s BBQ is just one of the many restaurants Symon has in Cleveland.

Mabel’s has been bringing BBQ with a Cleveland twist to East Fourth since 2016 and has been drawing crowds ever since.

The Cleveland twist to the BBQ is incorporating Bertman’s Ballpark Mustard into the barbecue sauce, using Eastern European spices and smoking meat over local fruitwood.
The joint is a laid back environment with communal picnic tables for seating and food served on trays. And the a la carte menu is packed with house-smoked meats from animals that here humanely raised, never received antibiotics and are free of added hormones. Also offered is a bourbon menu with plenty of options because honestly, what goes better with BBQ then bourbon?

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