Touch Supper Club puts interesting touches on classics

So I must confess, it had taken me this long to go try Touch Supper Club in Ohio City because, well, I thought it was some kind of private club thing.

Ohhh, it’s a place that serves food in one section and is a music club in another? OK, we’ll be right there.

As soon as we got there – the dining area not the dance section because even Elaine Benes would laugh at my dance moves – we were impressed by the décor. Once an old bank building, it featured all the style and charm of an early-1900s building along with a dark-stained bar that just seemed to take all the stress out of a long workday.

Touch Supper Club-Drinks
Drinks are served at Touch Supper Club in Ohio City. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

Speaking of relieving stress – drinks! I started off with a Winter Waltz ($12), a bourbon-based drink that had some interesting spices, like star anise and cinnamon. I will definitely have to remember this next winter. Jeannene went with the Industry Standard ($12) that featured gin – so I didn’t bother trying it but she thought it also had some nice twists on the usual drink.

While the restaurant has some impressive-sounding main courses, we had decided on sharing small plates, in order to try the most possible items.

Touch Supper Club MeatCheese Board
The Charcuterie and cheese Board at Touch Supper Club features unusual items like cured pork belly and pickled caper berries. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

First up was the Charcuterie and Cheese Board ($16) which was three different cheeses as well as three different meats along with some accompanying pickled veggies and other items. The cheeses were pretty much run-of-the-mill but the meats, including a pork belly, stood out as did the pickled caper berries and these raisin-sized pickled peppers that popped in your mouth and were sweet, not spicey.

Touch Supper Club- Fritters
The Pork Belly Fritters at Touch Supper Club is listed as a dinner appetizer but it could qualify as Breakfast of Champions. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

The most unusual dish of the night was the Pork Belly Fritters ($7). It featured large strips of pork belly, crispy cider-glazed apple fritters and a miso sauce. After tasting the very sweet dish, I remarked to the bartender/server about it being on their weekend brunch menu because it definitely had a bacon and waffle taste to it. But she said it wasn’t among their very extensive options.

Touch Supper Club - Sliders
Korean Sliders at Touch Supper Club — No ketchup or mustard here. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

Then came the best dish of the night – the Korean Sliders ($9). The three small burgers of marinated beef offered a nice twist on the typical barfood. Try finding soy lime ginger aoli and pickled daikon and carrot on your burger at a typical Cleveland joint.

We’re already planning another weeknight stop here, and even considering brunch. Others out there should try the dance club and let us know how it is.

John Bertosa is likely out and about sampling the Northeast Ohio dining scene..

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