World Armwrestling League’s WAL403 promises (ahem) gripping entertainment

It’s worth spending a few minutes on the video page of the World Armwrestling League’s official website.

If you get sucked in watching these manly man types locking hands and participating in the timeless ritual of trying to impose all their strength through only one of their arms, you may want to head to the Agora Cleveland on June 14.

The concert venue will play host to WAL403, which, according to a news release from the WAL, will be part of the “Supermatch Showdown Series.” Hey, that certainly sounds important.

From the release:

“Boasting an impressive legion of support and fandom, WAL has showcased a meteoric rise in popularity and viewership since the league was founded in 2014. The fan base is rabid, the athletes are world-class and the action at (Agora Cleveland) will be nonstop.”

Furthermore, the release invites you to “check out the best men and women arm wrestling athletes in the world,” so isn’t only for manly man types.

How does a WAL match go? Glad you asked.

“Each matchup is based on style,technique, and ranking, while abiding by several key rules, including an elbow staying on the table, athletes must hold the peg with their opposite hand, one foot must remain on the floor and the shoulders must stay above the table at all times.”

This handy video gives you some of the basics:

WAL Table Talk 1: Match Basics from WAL on Vimeo.


WAL403 is set for 8 p.m. June 14 at Agora Cleveland, 5000 Euclid Ave. General admission is $15. Get tickets here.

Mark Meszoros isn’t sure he’s even tough enough to watch big-time arm wrestling. Follow him on Twitter @MarkMeszoros. Image credit: Metro Creative Connection.

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