Checking out Bold Food and Drink

Can I afford to lose a few pounds, sure. But I don’t think I’m in poor bad horrible shape. So why wasn’t our server asking if we wanted dessert?

Ahh, but let’s start at the beginning. Since Cleveland was still mired in an unseasonably cold spring, we thought a place with a name such as Bold Food and Drink would be just the place to get some comfort food.

We lucked into some free street parking on the East Bank of the Flats (emphasis on “luck”) and headed in. The restaurant has a relaxed elegant vibe of a modern steakhouse and we settled in with a couple of cocktails at our table. I went with the Bold Fashioned (It’s what they call an old-fashioned at Bold) and Jeannene had a Flats Revival because it had her favorite pairing of gin and St. Germain. I tasted it and particularly liked the complementary ingredients – lime and grapefruit plus honey, which really sweetened out all that tartness.

Bold- Marrow
Creamy marrow is all set to be scooped out of the bone and slathered on toasted bread at Bold Food and Drink. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

For the appetizer we went with that day’s special – bone marrow. And it was our favorite dish of the night. Not only were the slit-in-half beef bones some of the biggest we’ve ever seen, coming with the usual pickled onions, scallions and hard toast, but it also came with huckleberry jam. It was the first time we had ever seen such a dish with a sweet component and it definitely worked with the unctuous marrow and tart notes of the onions.

For main courses I took advantage of what seemed like a low-priced Surf and Turf – the $34 price tag was about in the middle of all the options – OK, maybe slightly higher. I got a decent-sized grilled lobster tail and a petit filet mignon that was very petite to go with garlic whipped potatoes. The lobster was a tad rubbery but the steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the potatoes were beautifully silky and savory.

OK, maybe I see now why we weren’t asked about dessert.

Bold Salmon
Miso-glazed salmon sits on a pile of vegetables at Bold Food and Drink on the East Bank of The Flats. (Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa)

Jeannene went with the miso-glazed salmon with seasonal vegetables. I tried a bite and loved the crispy skin and thought the salmon was cooked just right, but she kind of shrugged her shoulders and thought the vegetables were the best part of the dish.

We then settled in with another cocktail – a second Bold Fashioned for me and a Peach Cosmo for Jeannene, which I liked as the peachiness and the cranberriness (shut up, spellcheck!) balanced each other out. We settled in and talked about what dessert would go great with these drinks. But alas we didn’t see our server again until we had drained our glasses at which point she immediately returned to take them away and drop off our bill.

John Bertosa is likely out and about sampling the Northeast Ohio dining scene.

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