Moosehead BBQ Grill in Amherst satisfies the barbecue craving

Address: 7660 Leavitt Road, Amherst
Phone number: 440-985-7429
Social media: Facebook:

The objective was barbecue chicken and an afternoon snack. And Moosehead BBQ Grill fit the craving perfectly with BBQ grilled chicken nachos listed as a “starter” on a menu with plenty of tempting options such as adult mac and cheese, or a barbecue sampler for the “indecisive diner.”

The menu also lists New Orleans Cajun influences for those seeking more zestful flavor.
Counted among seafood choices such as beer battered fish and chips and cod and crab is a salmon grill, prepared either plain, barbecue, or blackened.

But for the visit on a snowy afternoon one of the best treats – considered an unexpected gift – was the presentation of the beautifully arrayed plate of nachos by a chef with a huge grin, followed by attentiveness of the server who took the order.

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