Is East Falls Riverwalk the best kept secret in Elyria?

Address: On Kerstetter Way behind Elyria Police station at 18 West Ave. in Elyria
Phone number: 440-458-5121
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IMG_1408East Falls Riverwalk and walking trail on Kerstetter Way offer magnificent views of one of two waterfalls in downtown Elyria.

The falls may be some of Elyria’s best kept secrets, because even when visitors know the falls exist they may have trouble finding them.

A key landmark for one of the falls is the Elyria Police Station at 18 West Ave. in Elyria. The boardwalk and waterfall sit directly behind the police station with parking off Kersetter Way — not at the police station!

Until Cascade Park renovations finalize in July, the second waterfall can be accessed by parking on Glendale Court and walking on a trail to the falls. For now Cascade Park is closed for construction.

Follow Carol Harper on Twitter @mj_charper. Image: Beyond the slashing, roaring water of falls in 2017 is a cave visible from a Riverwalk on Kersetter Way in Elyria.

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