Barabicu Smokehouse in Parma serves up terrific takes on the barbecue staples

What: Barabicu Smokehouse, a to-go delicatessen style smokehouse with some seating where diners are welcome to chow down.

Where it’s located: 5767 Ridge Road, a short drive from Interstate 480 on the south side of Ridge, just north of Snow Road in Parma.

When it’s open: 11 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday, until the meat is gone; starting to do a second smoke on weekends for dinner crowd.

Why you should go there: A variety of delicious tender meats, sides, and sauces and a unique ordering style make Barabicu a must-try.

This half-rack of ribs at Barabicu Smokehouse was incredibly flavorful and tender, without being too tender. Top photo: The Baby Bicu at Barabicu Smokehouse in Parma includes a wide selection of smoked meats, including brisket, pulled pork and cupcake chicken. (photos by Mark Meszoros)

What you should eat: The Baby Bicu, which includes a wide selection of meat and two sides, provides a tasty sampling of the menu. Barabicu’s zesty take on mac-n-cheese, which makes use of spiral noodles, makes the Chipotle Queso Mac stand out.

How to get more information: 440-481-3057,

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