Blue October sets late-2018 date at Agora Cleveland

I may never decide exactly how I feel about Houston-based rock band Blue October.

When I stream a bunch of their stuff, much of it doesn’t quite grab me, despite my fascination with the unique voice of frontman Justin Furstenfeld.

Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld performs at LaureLive in 2017. (Photos by Mark Meszoros)

On the other hand, count me among those who find a Blue October song from early this decade, “The Feel Again (Stay),” to be entirely compelling. In it, Furstenfeld sings of a relationship crumbling — and of a young girl caught in the middle. It is a powerful song that builds to an emotional crescendo and, unsurprisingly, is said to be about the dissolution of his marriage and separation from his daughter.

It gets me a little every time I hear it.

I’ll also say this for Blue October: The band was one of the acts at the 2017 incarnation of Northeast Ohio’s LaureLive music festival, and while I planned to catch just a few tunes before seeing a band starting a half-hour later on another stage, I found I couldn’t bring myself to move as they played. The whole band sounded tight, but Furstenfeld really impressed in a live setting. Honestly, his voice always sounded to me like it might be benefiting from a few studio-production tricks, but I no longer feel that way. He impressed.

And thus I have to at least consider checking out Blue October’s recently announced show Nov. 9 at Agora Cleveland.

While the band has a recent single, “I Hope You’re Happy,” it is working on its ninth studio album. As it has with some other recent independent releases, the band looks to crowdfunding to help make it happen. Fans can help to pay the bills with the purchase of some exclusive merchandise.

Get tickets or info for the Agora show via Ticketweb.

Stream of the week: OK, this is a weird one, but since seeing “Deadpool 2,” I haven’t be able to stop listening to the live acoustic version of Norwegian band Aha’s 1980s hit “Take on Me” featured prominently in the film. It’s from 2017’s “MTV Unplugged — Summer Solstice.” Laugh at me if you must, but check it out first and see if you don’t also get hooked.

Mark Meszoros has been known to sing “The Feel Again (Stay)” loudly — and badly — alone in his car. Follow him on Twitter @MarkMeszoros.

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