Try a West Side Market progressive dinner

Address: 1979 W. 25th St., Cleveland
Phone number: 216-664-3387
Social Media: Twitter: @WestSideMarket | Facebook: West Side Market and West Side Market Tenants Association | Instagram: westsidemarket

Cake Royale monk cakes
Monk cakes, second from top, capture the imagination at Cake Royale. Top photo: A taste of Southeast Asia is found in Kim Se booth with Cambodian cuisine. (photos provided by West Side Market Tenants Association)

Try a progressive dinner focused on West Side Market.

Gather friends and family to shop the vendor stalls for the unusual, the delightful, the delectable.West Side Market 1

Possible themes include:

  • Most unusual foods.
  • International cuisine.
  • Sampler: Each person buys an entre or dessert for a pot luck with each person trying a few bites of something new or different.
  • Organic: Discover what organic foods are available and assemble a meal with those items.
  • Tailgate: Buy old favorites from vendors for the next tailgate or road trip.
  • Brainstorm together your best theme based on West Side Market.
Frickaccio pizza bagels
Pizza bagels are available at Frickaccio’s

Seating is available in the building in a balcony area with views of the sales floor below, or outside across the street in the square.

Orale Mexican cuisine
Orale offers authentic Mexican Cuisine

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