Milkshake & Fries ice cream actually tastes better than you would think

OK, hear me out.

When you see a pint of ice cream with a crazy flavor for only $6, you buy it because you just need to taste it. (And you know your boyfriend will help you finish it, or convince you to toss it if neither of you like it.)

That’s what happened when I came across a freezer of Coolhaus near the checkout lines at Heinen’s. An ice cream flavor called Milkshake & Fries?!?! Instantly into my basket.

The description: “Made with salted Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream with shoestring french fries and milk chocolate malt balls.”

milkshake-fries-ice-creamThe vanilla bean ice cream is good. The milk chocolate malt balls are good. The shoestring fries are … weird. They add some salt and a bit of a potato aftertaste to every bite — maybe a bit more like potato chips?. Texture-wise, the shoestring fries are the way to go if you’re gonna do this, but instead of crispy or chewy, they kind of felt like undercooked potatoes.

The ice cream is creamy and smooth, but all of the shoestring fries make it hard to get a good, round scoop. Good for a dish, not so good for a cone.

Overall, it’s not bad. Actually, probably better than I expected. I wish there was less fries and more malt balls (which, mashed up, are actually a really divine addition to a scoop of ice cream).

If you like ice cream, fries, malt balls and trying new things, go ahead and pick up a pint if you see it in the store next time you’re grabbing a frozen treat. But you might want to have someone to help you finish it.

Have you tried any of Coolhaus’ other ice cream flavors? Let Cheryl Sadler know @sadlercheryl.

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