Outsiders’ BBQ Recipe Pulled Pork + Bacon Detroit-style pizza is my new favorite

During one of my walks around Heinen’s to figure out Friday night dinner plans, I discovered Outsiders Pizza Company‘s Detroit Style Pizza. The rectangular shape stood out in a freezer of round pies, and the description on the front of the BBQ Recipe Pulled Pork + Bacon pizza drew me in.

Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce – Pulled Pork – Diced Ham – Applewood Smoked Bacon – Green Onions – White Cheddar – Wisconsin Brick Cheese – Thick Pillowy Crust

Decision made.

What is Detroit-style pizza?

I had never heard of Detroit-style pizza before coming across Outsiders Pizza. The website says: “Legend has it that this style was forged by Detroit autoworkers who used deep industrial pans as cooking equipment. Thick, pillowy crust – Light + airy on the inside – caramelized cheese around the outside – real Wisconsin brick cheese”

I asked Morning Journal staffers Marissa McNees and Fuad Shalhout, who both previously lived in Michigan.

Fuad described Detroit-style as rectangular and “a lot more sauced up than most pizza.”

“There’s something about the sauce,” Fuad said.

Marissa says Detroit-style is like Jet’s Pizza: “It’s got that distinctive crispy crust. … The dough is more spongy with a crispy outer layer.”

The verdict

detroit-style-pizzaThis pizza was incredible. We’ve had it four times in the last month, and I’ve recommended it to several friends.

I know some people aren’t fans of barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce on pizza, but this one is a success. There’s enough barbecue sauce to give good flavor in every bite, but it’s not dripping out from under the cheese the way some sauces can. (I wouldn’t call this “a lot more sauced up,” as Fuad described it, but perhaps that’s because this was frozen and not freshly made.)

The texture of the crust is kind of spongy, but in a good way, which is a weird but accurate way to describe this food. (Marissa agreed.) The caramelized cheese on the outside provides a crispy crunch — a nice surprise for a pizza that’s essentially deep dish.

There’s a lot of meat on this pizza — a lot. You’re getting a mouthful of meat in every bite, but the combination of pulled pork, diced ham and applewood smoked bacon is a winner. Plus, you can’t go wrong mixing those meats with barbecue sauce. And cheese. And green onions.

If you prefer your pizza meatless, Outsiders also has a three-cheese variety. If you like some meat but not too much, you can check out the Genoa salami pizza (that one tastes similar to a typical pepperoni).

For $8, you’re not going to find a much more filling and tasty pizza.

Bonus: One of my more creative friends used her leftover BBQ Recipe Pulled Pork + Bacon pizza to make croutons for a salad. That’s a smart way to try to make pizza healthier. I want to say I’ll try this next time, but I don’t know how I would be able to not simply eat this pizza as is.

Cheryl Sadler is probably going to get a BBQ Recipe Pulled Pork + Bacon Detroit Style Outsiders Pizza for dinner tonight. Follow her on Twitter @sadlercheryl.

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