With ‘Built to Survive: Biomechanics,’ CMNH looks to impress with ‘marvels of natural engineering’

I’ll have something more in-depth on this in the coming days at MorningJournal.com and News-Herald.com, but I want to take a moment to tell you about a recently opened traveling exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Running through late April, “Built to Survive: Biomechanics” examines some “marvels of natural engineering,” states a news release — promising looks at “spider webs stronger than steel… shrimp that can break through glass… sharks that use their snouts to sense the electrical impulses of their prey… fish that can bite through bricks.”

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“Built to Survive: Biomechanics” at the Cleveland Museum of Art boasts this tall fellow. (Images courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

Developed by The Field Museum, Chicago, in partnership with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, but also including some contributions to the local version by CMNH, “Built to Survive: Biomechanics” is a modern exhibition with lots of stuff for visitors young and old to read and, perhaps more importantly, touch. From the release:

Interactive exhibits, immersive media and scientific objects help visitors understand how wonders of the plant and animal kingdoms eat, move, avoid predators and process information to take them to a higher gear above their competition. Displays and demonstrations illustrate why everything living — including humans — is a machine built to survive, move and discover.

“This exhibit is highly interactive, and I’m sure visitors of all ages will enjoy a fun, hands-on experience as the amazing science of biomechanics comes to life all around them,” said Sonia Winner, museum president and CEO, in the release. “They’ll also see how many of these marvels of natural engineering have inspired ingenious, man-made mechanisms.”

Check out a video I made from my recent visit:

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