Glenn Beck, set to speak at Agora Cleveland(!?), thinks you’re ‘Addicted to Outrage’

In its various incarnations throughout the years, Agora Cleveland has hosted legendary rock acts.

Soon to grace one of its stage: Glenn Beck?

At one point existing on the far-right end of the political spectrum, the former Fox News icon is on a book tour that will bring him to the Cleveland venue on Nov. 4.

The book, his 22nd (and 18th nonfiction effort), is called “Addicted to Outrage” — a title that doesn’t feel like a stretch in 2018. (Looking at both sides here, everybody.)


From a news release from Beck’s camp:

After learning the hard way about the importance of thinking before speaking, Glenn Beck has a thing or two to ask America. In his new book, the New York Times bestselling author challenges readers to think like recovering addicts to overcome America’s outrage addiction, partisan resentment and division. With a nod to the traditional twelve-step program and drawing from lessons learned as a self-proclaimed former “professional drunk,” Beck encourages readers to grow through self-reflection. He believes Americans are now less accepting and forgiving than in the past, creating a divide that may lead to the destruction of fundamental American ideals.

“As the world’s leading expert on what not to do, I urge everyone – don’t be like me!,” Beck says in the release. “We’re at the point where the viciousness on both political sides has become comical and completely unproductive. While the world burns, we are debating if the latest celebrity should be fired for a tweet, while the left asks if they should trust the completely untrustworthy Omarosa. I look forward to joining audiences across the country for a candid conversation about how we can unite to overcome our addiction to anger over many issues that are really just first-world problems, and instead focus on those things that actually matter, most of which are found in our Bill of Rights.”

Wonder what Beck will play for an encore. Ahem.

Get more information about him at his official website and find ticket information here.

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