Ghosts in Lorain? Head to the Palace Theater

Head to the Lorain Palace Theater to check out some real-life hauntings.

The documentary “Ghosts of the Palace,” based on the investigation of Lorain-based EVP Mediums, will air at 7 p.m., Oct. 26. Tickets are $10.

“Ghosts of the Palace” played last year and drew a total of about 1,300 people, said Palace Executive Director Chris Pataky said.

On Sept. 29, the Palace hosted the premiere showing of the documentary, “Ghosts of the Lorain Lighthouse,” also based on an investigation by EVP Mediums.

That showing attracted about 750 people, Pataky said.

People began asking about the Palace Theater movie and the date was available, so “Ghosts of the Palace will return,” he said.

On television, many of the so-called ghost hunting shows are “very low quality” and feel like a scripted set-up, Pataky said.

EVP Mediums emphasize recording information and helping spirits “cross over” into the next realm, he said.

“Whether you believe in that stuff or not, they do it with such good intention, it’s kind of a cool thing,” Pataky said.

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