Panic! At The Disco comes to Cleveland

What: Panic! At The Disco – Pray for the Wicked Tour

Where: Quicken Loans Arena 1 Center Ct, Cleveland 44115

When: 7 PM – 11 pm, Wednesday, January 30

Why you should go: If you haven’t heard of Panic! At The Disco you are seriously missing out mainly because Brendon Urie is a gift we do not deserve. Urie’s voice still stands out from other artists years after Panic! At The Disco’s first album dropped in 2005. And that isn’t just my opinion, Urie possesses a lyric tenor vocal range that spans five octaves so it is hard not to pick out his voice in crowd.

Now, if you are anything like me, you have been following Panic! since the days when heavy eye-liner, studded belts and emo/punk-rock bands ruled the airwaves. I am not ashamed to admit I was one of the kids with dirty high top converses and black nail polish. That music and those bands are close to my heart and made me who I am. Panic! was one of those bands. Gritty real lyrics, enticing beats and of course Urie’s voice set the bar high for a lot of bands of that time and still today.

There are not a lot of bands out there like Panic! At The Disco. As with all things, the band went through changes throughout the years. Urie is the last of the founding members, their sound added a little more pop to fit with the times and now they are headlining their own tours but they are still a rock band bringing the grittiness to fans old and new. It is a show you won’t want to miss.

How much: $40 – $160. Find your tickets here

How to get more information: Find more information on the event Facebook page or at the Quicken Loans website.

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