Glen Hansard will support soon-to-be-released ‘The Wild Willing’ with Agora show in September

I know where I’ll be the night of Sept. 7: Agora Cleveland.

That’s because that’s where Glen Hansard will be that night.

A singer-songwriter probably best known as one half of the folk-rock duo The Swell Season and the costar of the music-powered 2007 romance-drama “Once,” Hansard always will be, first and foremost to me, the lead singer of Irish rock band The Frames.

I saw the band play a handful of times — maybe six — before Hansard’s career took off in what has evolved into a solo direction, his most recent album being 2018’s “Between Two Shores.” While I generally prefer the slightly harder-edged music he did with The Frames — stream the 2003 life album “Set List” if you’ve never checked it out — everything Hansard puts out is worth a listen.

I was in Chicago for this:

His next album, “This Wild Willing,” is due April 12, and you can stream the opening track and another now.

Hansard is a natural storyteller, so it’s not surprising that a news release provided by the Agora — and for all I know penned by Hansard himself — reads like a short story. Here’s how it begins:

It is July 2017, and Glen Hansard is sick and wandering the streets of Paris. It’s been a long spell on the road. Barely two weeks have passed since he wrapped up a support tour for Pearl Jam (frontman) Eddie Vedder, and more than five years have gone by since there was a month when he wasn’t on stage.

It goes on to tell an elaborate tale of how “The Wild Willing” came together with the help of myriad musicians, among them Swell Season partner (and ex-girlfriend) Markéta Irglová.

“There’s joy and sorrow for me in this recording,” Hansard says in the release. “Where they meet is a hallowed spot.”

Looking forward to it and the show, general-admission tickets for which are $35 in advance, $40 the day of the show, with reserved mezzanine seats setting you back $60. They go on sale March 29. Get more details from this Agora page.

Mark Meszoros has seen The Frames at least three times in Chicago (he suspects the real number is four but can’t remember for sure), two of those times over three days. Follow him on Twitter @Markmeszoros. Image courtesy of Agora Cleveland.

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