Hangout for more weather-independent thrills and family fun as I-X Indoor Amusement Park turns 30

In Northeast Ohio, there are a few events that let us know warm weather — while not here yet in a meaningful way — actually is around the corner.

The Indians’ home opener. (Who else remembers that snow-out many years back? Just so much, um, fun?)

The Cleveland International Film Festival. (That’s happening now — learn more here and here.)

And the I-X Indoor Amusement Park, which just kicked off at the I-X Center and runs through April 22.

Of course, you know the jingle …

How much of a Northeast Ohio tradition is the event? Well, it’s turning 30.

Says a release:

The park, Cleveland’s springtime entertainment since 1989, is jam-packed with over twenty acres of rides, games, food and attractions all under one roof. There’s no better place to blow off some steam, get the kids out of the house, enjoy a funnel cake and make some great memories.

(Photos courtesy of I-X Indoor Amusement Park)

“In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we are excited to unveil an upgraded ride package that includes 12 new rides and even more family entertainment on Beach Street,” said Rob Attewell, the show manager, in the release. “Additionally, we boosted security personnel and procedures while enhancing the park layout with more rest areas so guests have a fun, safe and clean environment where they can make some great family memories.”

Family entertainment is stressed as a huge part of the I-X Indoor Amusement Park:

The expanded Beach Street will be the welcome area for more than 150,000+ attendees and offers a variety of attractions featuring sea lions, magicians, jugglers, street performers and more. Children and parents alike will be amazed by the wildly popular Captain Jimmy’s Sea Lion Adventure. These intelligent playful sea mammals will perform as part of the daily entertainment line-up.

Looking for excitement? That’s promised in the release, as well:

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Mountain Dew Thrill City brings on the speed with rides that flip, rotate, drop, spin and fly. Enjoy several new rides including the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, Frenzy and Kamikaze. The excitement continues with rides like Vertigo, Wild Cat Coaster, Zipper, Shock Drop and the I-X Center’s very own, Soaring Eagle Zipline.

Of course, they haven’t forgotten about the little ones:

The I-X Indoor Amusement Park has tons of fun for the little ones in Kidzville, a dedicated children’s area that features over 25 rides and a petting zoo. New this year to Kidzville are the Crazy Cabs, Dizzy Dogs and Bulgy the Whale where those pint-sized riders enjoy plenty of their own adventures. Adults will find they can join in on some of the traditional rides too, including the Fun Slide, Charlie Chopper, Dragon Wagon, Backspin Roller Coaster, Grand Carousel, I-X Center Ferris Wheel and many more.

General admission tickets are $25; children less than 48 inches tall are $22; those 60 and older are $10 Saturdays and Sundays and free on weekdays; and children 3 and under are free.

For more information, including more about ticket options, performers and special events on certain days and weekends, click it here.

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