Author of ‘Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever’ (and Vinny) visiting Hudson Library

It appears Chris Perondi is no dummy. If you’re making an appearance to promote a book titled “The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever,” you’d better bring the pooch.

And thus, according to a news release, Perondi will be accompanied by “his adorable dog, Vinny,” when he appears at 4 p.m. May 29 at the Hudson Library & Historical Society, 99 Library St.

The news release espouses what Perondi says are some of the benefits to trick training:

— Inside every shelter dog is an undiscovered movie star: 75 percent of the stunt and trick dogs seen in movies are shelter rescues, as are most of the dogs used to demonstrate the tricks in THE BIG BOOK OF TRICKS FOR THE BEST DOG EVER! Shelter rescue is a great option for anyone considering adopting a dog. Who knows what hidden talents lie behind that adorable fluffy face?

— Improved socialization and streamlined training: Trick training helps fearful dogs gain confidence, enabling them to meet new playmates and more readily acclimate to people. It also improves a dog’s behavior by preventing boredom and restlessness, which is often the cause of destructive behavior.

— Strengthened bond: Our furry friends are reliant on us to keep them safe and happy, and trick training deepens that special bond by demonstrating that they can trust and depend on their human partners (children and adults alike) in all scenarios.

— Increased responsibility: Oftentimes, a pet is a child’s first introduction to responsibility and trick training is a firsthand experience that shows how sticking with something (training) can have amazing results and lead to safe and lasting interactions with dogs.

Now the bad news: It appears the event is full. However, you can join a waiting list or get more information here.

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