Hoof it with a group: Cleveland Hiking Club offers variety of trail experiences

The Cleveland Hiking Club logged 100 years according to a website at www.clevelandhikingclub.org.

The group boasts almost 1,300 members offering about 400 hikes a month of all fitness levels in Northeast Ohio.

Your excuse just flew to Albuquerque. I know the feeling.

The daily schedule is something to wade through in itself. There are LEISURE HIKEs meeting by a cinema or town square, and HIKE THE COUNTY and #EMERALD NECKLACE HIKE, for those who would like to visit each of the Cleveland Metroparks or quicken the pace a bit.metro creative hiking boots

And the Cleveland Hiking Club seems to understand some of us need food or social motivators, because ICE CREAM HIKE is real.

So check out the website, take to heart the recommendations for beginners, and start slow. Before long your hiking stick will be well decorated and you will feel stronger.

Just for fun, check out the 100th Anniversary Challenge Hikes on the website.

Another tidbit: Before someone may join Cleveland Hiking Club, six hikes must be completed and logged as a visitor within a 12-month period. So go, meet people and have fun safely outside.

Photos courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

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