Join a monthly idea factory for foodies

Years ago women shared recipes and the latest news over the back fence as they hung the laundry or harvested vegetables in the garden.

Since people still enjoy cooking and sharing great recipes, Domankas Library at 4125 East Lake Road in Sheffield Lake offers a cookbook book club 6:30-7:30 p.m. one day each month.

This makes it easier to find others who enjoy reading cookbooks and trying new foods.

The idea is for each person to bring a dish from the selected month’s cookbook.

Topics to talk about could include how the dish went together and your opinion of the book.

For the next three months cookbooks include:

* Sept. 3, “Mary Berry Quick Cooking” by Mary Berry

* Oct. 1, “Simple Cake: All You Need to Keep Your Friends and Family in Cake” by Odette Williams

* Nov. 5, “Breakfast” by Emily Elyse Miller, “because everyone loves breakfast”

Please preregister by calling 440-949-7410.

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

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