Learn about shy, quiet, funny little creatures at Skunkfest 2019

Really, it’s not what you think.IMG_6624

The 18th annual Skunkfest 2019 is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 7 at South Central Park at 7565 Avon Belden Road in North Ridgeville.

This is a festival like no other, but it doesn’t have an odor.

The skunks that visit skunkfest are descented, and many are bred for different colors such as apricot, lavender and brown, or showy tails.

Contests include best dressed skunk, most talented skunk, skunk run, and best detective.

Skunk entry fee at the door for contests is $10 for one skunk, $5 for each additional skunk. Contact Cheryl at SkunkFestRegistration@aol.com.IMG_6509

For people, entry fee is a cash donation, or a donation of paper towels or natural grain cereal per person.

For information go to www.skunkhaven.net.

The event is a fundraiser for Skunk Haven, a rescue organization.

By the way, the public is not allowed to touch people’s skunks.

Did you know if a skunk chooses a person, the skunk forms a very tight emotional bond? And if something happens to their person, the skunk grieves and cries like people do, only more.IMG_6363

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