If you created an autumn bucket list, what would inspire fall fun for you?

Lorain County Metro Parks posted beside a sun-speckled woodland photograph an “Autumn bucket list” in a Kids and Family section of the “Arrowhead” bimonthly newsletter and activity schedule.

What a beautiful idea!

Items on their list include:

  • Look for nocturnal wildlife on a full moon hike
  • Take pictures of different types of autumn leaves
  • Tag a monarch for butterfly conservation
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Walk the Children’s Nature Discovery Trail
  • Hike to see the Cascade Park waterfalls with the fall colors
  • Learn about fall migration on a bird hike

What about your list? Is there something your family could agree to do together just to get outside and enjoy nature? Would plein air painting inspire you? Or supporting a neighborhood teen by watching them run cross country or play on a team?

Or what if each person made a list, and the whole family took turns doing something from each others’ lists? Start with something simple and build up, or tackle the toughest challenge first.

It’s a great time to make memories.

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