Zac Brown Band to ‘Roar With the Lions’ at Blossom in September

It’s hard to seriously dream of the summer to come until the Zac Brown Band sets a date at Blossom Music Center.

The multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning, not-so-easy-to-label country act will make fans wait until summer’s almost over, but they will bring their “Roar With the Lions Tour” to the picturesque outdoor Cuyahoga Falls venue on Sept. 10.

Says a news release from event promoter Live Nation:

The “Roar with the Lions Tour” will feature music from the band’s entire discography mixed with a dynamic selection of genre-crossing cover songs that are a signature mark of each Zac Brown Band show. The tour is grounded in the historic characterization of the lion, depicted as a symbol of strength, courage, and loyalty. Always counted upon to bring sunshine and warmth into the lives of others, lions are fearless, treating one another with dignity and respect, bravely walking through the forests they rule. At each show, fans can expect fiery performances and a rollicking good time.

Run with the Lions Tour Art
(Images courtesy of Live Nation)

“Our summer tour is inspired by the folklore surrounding the figure of the lion. I am a Leo, and all of the guys in the band are lions,” says Zac Brown in the release. “They exemplify strength, courage, intelligence, and loyalty, and work in tandem to defend their territory and one another. The crowd is our pride – rooted in togetherness and fiercely loyal. They always show up for each other, no matter what, just like our fans always show up for us. We can’t wait to hear you roar with us!”
While Gregory Alan Isakov will join the tour May 24 through June 27 and St. Paul and The Broken Bones will open the show at Chicago’s famed Wrigley Field on Sept. 9, no act is listed as an opener for the Blossom show. (Hey — and hear us out here — why not have the great St. Paul and The Broken Bones just make the short trip to Northeast Ohio the next night? Hey, you can’t blame us for trying.)

Tickets are on sale now through the band’s official site,

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